Warranty Information

After sales service and warranty

1. Does the product have a warranty period?

Yes, this device comes with a two-year warranty. if you find any abnormalities in the product, please contact our customer service.

2. Can i return it if the size is not appropriate?

if the size is not suitable, please contact our customer service to collect the return order. as long as you send the equipment back to our company within seven days and check for no damage, our company will send you the appropriate size without additional cost.

3. Is it possible to return the goods unconditionally within 7 days?

we support 7 days unconditional returns. if you change your mind within seven days of your purchase, you can contact our customer service. after customer service confirmation, please pack and return the original packaging of the product, all internal originals, and the documents at the time of purchase. after receiving the equipment and checking that there is no damage, we will refund the money to the payment account within 15 working days, of which the freight of the return is borne by you!

Contact manufacture for more information at info@s-airbag.com

Also you can send us email at service@vestprousa.com