How to use the Vest and Belt

Follow these Instructions for use


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How to use

2. is it possible to use it directly when the package is opened?

yes, after opening the package, please read our instruction manual carefully, and perform operations such as belt wearing and networking according to the steps on the instruction manual.

you Can also click on the video below to wear and other operations according to the video instructions. 

3. Can i use this product when exercising?

the algorithm is designed primarily for the daily activities of seniors over the age of 65 with limited mobility. if it is simple and not intense sports such as square dancing, jogging,

walking, climbing, etc. are ok, but intense sports such as cycling and skiing are not suitable for use.

we will develop some protective products for sports in the future, so stay tuned.

4. Can i wear this belt when i sleep?

yes, but it may not feel very comfortable. we recommend putting the belt next to the bed when you sleep, and waving in front of the screen when you need to wake up the screen.

You can get up and wear it.

5. Can i use this belt when i take a shower?

no, the electronic system inside the belt may be damaged by water, for your safety, we strongly recommend that you do not use the device while bathing.

6. Can the belt be worn inside clothes?

yes, but the opening of the garment should be facing downwards so as not to affect the airbag unfolding.

7. Can the length of the belt be adjusted?

In order to make it more convenient and comfortable to wear, it is used in our design BOA adjustment device, belt length is adjustable.

as long as you rotate the button in the middle of the belt, you Can make adjustments (as shown below).


8. How do i know if the belt is open?

when the belt is worn, the middle monitor displays the status and has a tone.

9. Can the product be cleaned?

only the outer wrapper Can be removed for cleaning, and the belt part (including the electronic system) Cannot be washed.

10. how long Can i use a charge at a time?

the battery is 5000 mah. in addition to sleeping time, if you wear it at other times, you Can generally work normally for 2 days after charging a battery.

when the monitor displays a red signal indicating that the battery is low, connect the belt to the charging cradle to charge.

when the monitor appears charged to indicate that the charging is complete, pull the charger out and wear the belt, if the elderly forget to charge it does not matter,

please feel free that our products have a power protection function.

11. is it possible to wear this belt on buses, subways, high-speed trains or airplanes?

There is no problem by bus, metro or train. However, if you need to fly, please note: the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is in the Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations

it is clearly stated that passengers Can carry no more than 2 compressed gas cylinders built into the life jacket, and no more than 2 spare gas cylinders. almost all airlines in our country do

he is a member of the association. however, due to the different degrees of execution of each airline, it is strongly recommended that you consult the appropriate airline before boarding to explain the true use of this product

and your requirements. airport security and airlines will ultimately decide whether to accept your device for boarding. 

12. Can i use the belt's airbags again after they are opened?

ok. but you need to send the entire product back to our service center, we will replace the consumables for you, and carry out the inspection.